Trisha Prickett

LIFT Program Director
Ascent 121

Trisha Prickett, LCSW, LMSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She is the Program Director for LIFT, Ascent 121’s consulting and training program. Trisha has over a decade of clinical and supervisory experience working with survivors of complex trauma and various forms of commercial sexual exploitation. In 2021 & 2022, she was a co-presenter at the JuST Conference, presenting on topics such as complex trauma and attachment as it relates to youth survivors of CSE. Trisha has also been involved with several anti-trafficking committees in the state of Indiana and presently co-chairs the IPATH Youth Victims Services Committee.



Countering Dynamics

  • Providers are often surprised to hear that, in many ways, treatment facilities can mirror some of the same dynamics present in exploiter-controlled exploitation. This training provides multiple examples of these similarities, as well as practical ways that providers can offset the risks at hand to minimize the potential of unintentionally reinforcing those same dynamics.

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