Kayla Bright

Program Director | CEO
Survivor Ventures
As a survivor of human trafficking, Kayla has found her lane in the anti-trafficking movement as a connector in the community. She believes that survivors hold the power of warriors and wants to create an “army” of survivors that can break the status quo. Building a network of survivors who are economically independent and collaborate together is a key piece of her vision. Being able to provide survivors not only with resources, but actionable steps that puts the power back into their hands to create a new narrative.
Kayla sits on the Board of Directors for both Duke University’s “Last Girl Project” as well as Angel Healing, an organization in Florida building a restorative care spa. Her educational background includes Marketing and Communications from West Virginia University with plans to return to school focusing on psychosexual neuroscience.
In her spare time she is designing a fashion line that incorporates the anti-human trafficking agenda, one piece of which was worn by a Miss Face of Humanity finalist.
  • Developing Trauma-Informed Employment from a Person-Centered Perspective

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