Eileen Dong

Executive Director
Hope Pyx Global

Eileen Dong, a trailblazer combating gender-based violence and human trafficking, is the Founder and Executive Director of Hope Pyx Global. Her mission encompasses ending abuse, exploitation, trafficking, violence, and torture for people of all backgrounds. With a diverse background as a Petroleum Engineer, NASA Scholar, and Supply Chain Executive, Dong’s approach extends to collaborating with DOJ, ICE, and FBI on trafficking and money laundering cases.

Dong’s expertise combines personal and professional experiences, fostering innovation and partnerships to combat trafficking comprehensively. A member of national human trafficking leadership councils, and formerly a diplomat at the British Consulate General, she influences inclusive, equitable, and data-driven policies. Her involvement with the Center for Countering Human Trafficking and training of law enforcement and victim service providers bridges gaps in culturally sensitive care.

A TEDx speaker, author of “Thank Your Predator: A Guide to Trauma Recovery from Abuse”, songwriter, and actor, Dong’s impact expands through her founding of the International Book Awards, elevating survivor voices, and her creation of the Ms Texas Show, amplifying voices of hope. As Chair of the International Conference on Abuse, she facilitates cross-sector discussions on emerging topics with case studies and best practices.

Eileen Dong’s leadership is exemplified by her speech at the 2023 World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, embodying the theme of not leaving any victim behind. Honored with “Eileen Dong Day” by Houston’s Mayor, her achievements, including the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award and Addy Award, have reached a global audience of 37.2 million through media features on ABC, Fox, and TED Talk.



Bridging Hearts and Cultures: Strategies for Assisting Culturally Specific Survivors

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