Dennis Mark

Administrative Operations Director
Redeemed Ministries

Dennis Mark joined Redeemed Ministries in 2006 serving on an outreach team with his wife, Bobbie, visiting the strip clubs in Houston. In an effort to learn more about human trafficking Dennis participated in the 2008 United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Trafficking (UN.GIFT) Conference in Vienna, Austria.
He worked with the Not For Sale Campaign for 4 years serving as Chief Investigator and Content Instructor for the Not For Sale Investigator Academy & Strategic Mapping Backyard Academy. While with Not For Sale Dennis worked with grass-root efforts and law enforcement agencies across the United States, the Republic of Korea, Canada, Australia and Brazil. He supervised documentation and investigation of human trafficking cases in the United States and internationally.
Dennis served as Executive Director for Redeemed Ministries until May 31, 2020. He also spent the 7-1/2 years serving as “House Dad” in their restoration program’s safe house learning how to understand the effects of trauma and how it interferes with victim interviewing. He continues to serve as a board member with Redeemed serving on the Development Committee.
Dennis served as the Task Force Coordinator for the Human Trafficking Rescue Alliance Task Force of the Southern District of Texas from March 2020 to March 2022. He coordinated and trained law enforcement, anti-trafficking agencies and community leaders the importance of utilizing a trauma-informed approach in identification and investigation, and restoration processes of anti-human trafficking law enforcement work and the provision of trauma-informed care to victim/survivor victim services agencies.
Dennis returned to Redeemed Ministries in April 2022 to work alongside his wife Bobbie again as the Administrative Operations Director focusing on organizational sustainability and expansion of services.
Bobbie and Dennis will be celebrating 39 years of marriage in August, and have 3 wonderful adult children and 4 grandchildren. They are active members of Church Project in The Woodlands, Texas.



Trauma-Informed Faith Integration

  • Discuss the importance of using a trauma-informed approach in the integration of faith into programming. At Redeemed Ministries, we teach a 26-week course on how trauma affects survivors physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. It is important as caregivers to understand how the six key principles of TIA play an important role in survivors’ discovery or rediscovery of their faith.

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