Deanna Lynn

Executive Director
Refuge For Women Kentucky

After ten years of working in the sex industry, Deanna sought healing from a residential program for exploited and trafficked women. Since graduating the program in 2012, she has earned a Master’s Degree from Asbury Theological Seminary and authored two books detailing each piece of the journey. Purchased: Leaving the Sex Trade uncovers what life looked like for her when she felt selling sex was her best option in life. Integrated: Living Beyond the Sex Trade, details the healing that continues through everyday life experiences,
as a survivor of being purchased learns how to navigate transitioning from safety back into society at large.

Deanna Lynn is the Executive Director at the Refuge for Women Kentucky, a nationwide non profit that seeks to empower sexually exploited women to live a life of freedom through faith-based, residential healing programs. Their vision is for every woman who is sexually exploited to have the hope, support, and tools needed to pursue her dreams and live a life of freedom.

In addition to her role at Refuge for Women, she is a global consultant and speaker on anti-trafficking and anti-exploitation, a leader in Bible Study Fellowship, and weekend staff in her church’s nursery, specifically the 2-3 year old class. Deanna loves learning and will likely be a student for life. In daily life, she and her husband, Matt, spoil their twin girls and their dog Buddy who looks like a real life giant muppet.



Integrating From Safety Back Into Society

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