Dr. Brook Bello

More Too Life

Champion Survivor & Advocate Against Human Trafficking & Gender Based Violence

Dr. Brook Parker-Bello is a survivor, a tireless advocate, and a leading voice in the fight against human trafficking. Recognized by President Barack Obama with the Lifetime Achievement Award, her dedication to ending this horrific crime is unwavering.

More Than a Survivor: Building a Legacy of Hope

Dr. Parker-Bello’s personal experience fuels her passion. She is the founding CEO of More Too Life, a beacon of hope for survivors globally for over 19 years. This organization provides essential direct services and resources, empowering victims to heal and rebuild their lives and discover as she says, “Identity.” In addition, she has authored court appointed and voluntary prevention programs for male violators and women caught in prostitution.

Beyond the Organization: A Multifaceted Approach

Dr. Parker-Bello’s impact extends far beyond More Too Life. She is a prolific creator, developing educational curriculums used in court-appointed programs to prevent sexual exploitation and violence. Her expertise is sought after by federal agencies, such as the US Department of Justice and Health and Human Services, organizations corporations, universities, government leaders and large ministries and others.

Tech Innovator: Revolutionizing Mental Health

Dr. Parker-Bello doesn’t stop at traditional methods. Her innovative spirit led to the creation of Eval, a groundbreaking mental healthcare tech platform. This achievement garnered recognition from Techstars Founders Catalyst. She holds a US patent for her work and is a leader growing leader with her Eval team in the development of AI, machine learning, and VR applications for mental health.

Inspiring Author, Film-maker and Advocate

Dr. Parker-Bello’s powerful new book, “Shame Undone” a memoir in development as a feature film and her faith-based “Living Inside the Rainbow” offers survivors a critical tools for healing. Her other works, including “S+CxM=O” and explore a riveting life journey that explores resilience, and overcoming trauma. She is a champion for survivors’ voices, evident in her work like the “Fine Heart Table Book” showcasing survivor art.

A Global Voice for Change

Dr. Parker-Bello’s dedication transcends borders. She is a sought-after speaker, inspiring audiences at the United Nations, alongside world leaders, at universities, and on prominent platforms like podcasts and major publications. She has been recognized as Advocate of the Year by Florida’s Attorney General and Governor and a Hero by United Way Worldwide. She is also a Google Next-Gen Fellow from 2017-2024.

Driven by Faith and Expertise

Dr. Parker-Bello’s PhD in Pastoral Clinical Counseling, combined with her experience and studies, equips her to address the complex needs. This background has opened doors to collaborate with the FBI, DOJ, US HHS, prestigious universities, and organizations across the globe.

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