Aryn Tanksley

Director of Programs and Development
Rapha International

Aryn Tanksley is the Director of Programs and Development at Rapha International, an organization that serves vulnerable children and young survivors of human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and abuse at eight international locations in Cambodia, Thailand, Haiti, and the United States. Before starting with Rapha in 2020, Aryn was employed at a regional Child Advocacy Center where she worked directly on investigations of child abuse and neglect, provided community outreach and education, and worked on fundraising and development. She has a bachelor’s in Sociology and a master’s degree in Public Administration and Non-Profit Management from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Aryn lives in Joplin, Missouri, where Rapha is headquartered, with her husband and step-son.



NTSA Accreditation: Collectively Setting the Standard

  • Join Aryn Tanksley, NTSA Accreditation Panel Member, to discuss the importance of professional standards and collective oversight in the fight against human trafficking. This session will break down the rationale for accreditation and provide an overview of the process of NTSA’s Accreditation program and process.

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