Accreditation Seal of Confidence Guidelines

NTSA is pleased to provide NTSA-accredited residential programs with the NTSA Accreditation Seal of Confidence. This seal conveys to survivors, advocates, community members and donors that your program is credible and trustworthy. 

It displays a commitment to NTSA’s expert-developed and survivor-advised Essential Standards, as well as a focus on continuous improvement and growth. The NTSA Accreditation Seal of Confidence is for use by NTSA-accredited residential programs only. We encourage you to proudly display your program’s accredited status by utilizing the Seal of Confidence on your program’s website and in program materials. To protect the NTSA brand, the following guidelines apply to all public representations. Use of the seal by any other entity is not permitted without prior consent of NTSA.

Guidelines for Use

Compliance with the following guidelines is required:

  • The elements of the Seal of Confidence must remain in the same proportional relationship as provided.
  • Do not change the format of the Seal of Confidence.
  • The graphic may not be altered. The individual components that make the seal may not be moved, separated, or altered in any form.
  • The aspect ratio must always be maintained at equal width, height, and diameter.
  • If the Seal of Confidence is used to promote NTSA accreditation, it may only be used to reference services or sites that are NTSA-accredited. Example: If an organization’s brochure lists five sites, but only one site is accredited, the Seal of Confidence can only be used if it is clearly stated which site is accredited.
  • If you are featuring the NTSA Seal of Confidence on your organization’s website, please link the image back to NTSA’s website homepage or Accreditation page.

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