Enhancing Credibility

NTSA Accreditation provides third-party vetting that ensures programs uphold our expert-developed and survivor-advised Essential Standards.

The Review Panel acts as an overseeing body that ensures that the Essential Standards established by NTSA are met and upheld by organizations seeking accreditation. In order to ensure objectivity, credibility, and consistency when vetting applicants, NTSA’s expert review panel of trusted professionals acts as the final decision-maker in the review process. Through Accreditation, applicants can trust that their organization is being reviewed in an unbiased manner by individuals with relevant expertise.

The NTSA Review Panel consists of six individuals from varying disciplines relevant to NTSA’s Essential Standards. The NTSA Board of Directors selected members of the panel to ensure that different viewpoints are adequately represented.

The disciplines represented include:

  • Governance/Ethics/Compliance
  • Risk Management/Safety/Facilities
  • Personnel/Client Care/Services
  • Minor-Serving Considerations


NTSA Review Panel members were nominated by current NTSA Members or recommended by a relevant professional association or by the NTSA Board of Directors. All panelists have proven expertise in their respective fields, through holding an advanced degree and/or demonstrating extensive professional experience.

NTSA’s Review Panel will not only hold members accountable to the Essential Standards, they will also provide support to members through suggestions and practical next steps for those not quite able to meet the standards. The individuals on this panel have shown dedication to training and equipping agencies with kindness, professionalism, and passion for the work members are doing on the ground.

*All applicants must be nominated by either a NTSA member, partner, or Board Member to be considered for the panel and must have proven expertise in their respective field, through an advanced degree and/or extensive professional experience.

We have an open position on our Accreditation Review Panel!

Do you want to help anti-trafficking residential programs grow & improve through support & accountability to NTSA’s Essential Standards of CareThe NTSA Review Panel is made up of six trusted professionals who act as the final decision-maker in the review process for NTSA Accreditation. The review panel currently has one vacant seat that can be filled by YOU! 

We’re seeking a professional or relevant expert within the disciplines of:


  • Governance
  • Ethics/ compliance
  • Risk management
  • Safety/facilities
  • Client care/services
  • Serving Minors

NTSA Accreditation Review Panelists 2021-2023

Aryn Crawford

Aryn works as the Development Director for Rapha International, an anti-human trafficking organization based in Joplin, MO. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Aryn’s background is in child welfare- she worked for five years at the regional child advocacy center in Southwest Missouri and has worked with children who have experienced trauma and maltreatment in several settings, including a domestic violence shelter, residential behavioral health, and foster care management.

Angelea Valenti

Angelea is a Survivor Leader with a passion for trauma-informed care through a survivor’s lens. For over five years, she has been on staff with Selah Freedom. Angelea now works as an Assessment Coordinator who aids incoming survivors with their transition into the program. She also currently serves as Chair of the Survivor Advisory Board.


Dan Sartor, Ph.D., NCC

Dan is the Vice President of Integration and Professor of Counseling at Richmont Graduate University in Atlanta, GA. He is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist (GA), and a Nationally Board Certified Counselor. Dan’s clinical specialties include complex trauma recovery, sexuality issues, addiction recovery, marital therapy, and the integration of faith with clinical practice. He provides continuing education, advising, clinical supervision, and consultation to non-profit and ministry organizations on complex trauma, trauma-informed care, vicarious trauma, and compassion satisfaction to promote thriving at the levels of organizational health, staff wellness, and client care.

Learn more about NTSA’s Accreditation here.

Or if you have questions, you can email us at: accreditation@shelteredalliance.org

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