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Title: Business Doing Good – Engaging Businesses to Hire and Empower Survivors

Year: 2021

Contributor: Dr. Shannon Deer & Cheryl Miller

Summary: Dr. Shannon Deer & Cheryl Miller recently authored a book titled: Business Doing Good: Engaging Women and Elevating Communities. This resource strives to educate businesses on how to empower survivors economically.

Title: Promoting Employment Opportunities for Survivors of Trafficking 

Contributors: Futures Without Violence

Summary: Webinars and additional resources on educating and employing survivors and supporting mental health needs.

Title: What is Social Enterprise?

Contributor: Social Enterprise Alliance

Summary: This resource identifies the types of social enterprises, where they come from and additional sources to learn more.

TitleA Trauma-Informed Approach to Workforce

Contributor: National Fund for Workforce Solutions

Summary: Best practices on how to maintain a trauma-informed approach to the workforce, as well as related background information and definitions. A great guide for employers, aiding them in empowering and encouraging employees.

TitleDelivering Trauma-Informed Care in an Employment Context

Contributor: James Kowalsky, BA Engagement Services & Practice Enhancement Specialist, Midwest Harm Reduction Institute

Summary:  This PowerPoint is a great starter for business managers to review and learn from. It includes information on ACES, trauma’s effect on the brain, how to maintain safety for trauma survivors and much more.

TitleCreating Trauma-Informed Services: Tipsheet Series 

Contributors: National Center on Domestic Violence, Trauma & Mental Health, Futures without Violence

Summary: This resource discusses proper questions to ask survivors in the workplace, mainly to ensure safety and additional support.

TitleBuilding Skills and Obtaining Employment: Understanding Opportunities and Resources Available Through Local Workforce Systems

Contributors: Shayne Spalding, Christin Durham, Amanda Briggs, The Urban Institute, Futures without Violenece

Summary: This video webinar defines local workforce systems, who can be aided by them, as well as actual examples of workforce systems and how to find them.

Title: Businesses That Bring Freedom

Contributor: Engage Together

Summary: This resource discusses businesses employing survivors or those at risk of trafficking. This source even features an Alliance Member, Thistle Farms!

TitleHuman Trafficking Survivor Leadership in the United States 

Contributors: Freedom Network USA

Summary: Survivor advocates, leaders and employees are essential in empowering more survivors and decreasing risk of recidivism, here is some information on survivor leadership.

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