Purchased: Leaving the Sex Trade book by Deanna Lynn

After overcoming a tragic upbringing and escaping the sex industry, Deanna relocated to Kentucky in hopes to heal with the help of Refuge For Women. She has since went back to school to earn a Master’s Degree from Asbury Theological Seminary and wrote two books detailing each piece of the journey. She loves research and learning and will likely be a student for life. In daily life, she and her husband, Matt, spoil their twin baby girls and their dog Buddy who looks like a real life giant muppet.
Purchased Description:
Amidst this sex-satiated culture, I want to give a realistic view of the life of someone who once allowed herself to be sold. In sharing my own story and journey into and out of the sex industry, I want to educate others in a way that encourages us to stop buying sex in all forms and instead to honor one another as whole people. I want to encourage us to consider the person who has been made a sex symbol so that we learn to honor both who they were before and who they might become if given an opportunity to excel in a life outside of selling their body. I have encountered many men and women who were put into this life by their pimps and partners. Others entered it while trying to escape their own trauma and trying to gain some control or dignity in their own lives. Yet I still know others truly believe they can do nothing else.
I want to offer you a glimpse of the mentality of a young girl who thought this was her best option in life. As a woman who was once purchased, I am often placed into one of two categories: I am either victimized as a survivor of human trafficking, or my trauma is dismissed since I chose to enter the commercial sex industry. This is an unhelpful and extreme distinction—especially when some of those fighting to end trafficking are also those who justify their use of pornography, brothels, strip clubs, and escort services because they believe all these people choose to be there. Choice is not always a simple matter when it is derived from decades of compounding trauma, addictions, and lack of quality guidance. For this reason, I want to show you what life looks like when a person says yes to being sold.This book is not meant to leave readers in despair but rather to depict enough of my own journey through deception to invite appreciation of the freedom possible on the other side. I want to show how hope gives birth to new life, when a true chance to heal and opportunities to flourish are given.  Freedom for me wasn’t fully grasped until healing afforded me the ability to make choices that keep me free. No one is too far gone.
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