Board + Leadership Engagement: 

Title: How Healthy Is Your Board?

Contributor: Dan Busby & John Pearson, ECFA

Summary: This resource discusses the steps to evaluate your board’s performance. It also includes a tool called NonprofitBoardScore™ to thoroughly assess board effectiveness and determine steps towards better governance.

Title: 12 Ways To Keep Nonprofit Board Members Motivated

Year: 2021

Contributor: Forbes Nonprofit Council

Summary: Want your board members to be involved and stay passionate? Here’s some tips on how to keep members engaged.


Title: Three Ways NPOs Can Use Community Media for Fundraising

Year: 2017

Contributor: Forbes Agency Council

Summary: This resource by Forbes Agency Council provides info on how to fundraise effectively and efficiently while using community media.

TitleOvercoming Fundraising Mistakes (with Jim Bennett)

Contributor: Nonprofits are Messy Podcast

Summary: This podcast provides strategies and support for fixing blunders related to fundraising, including several examples.

Grant Writing: 

Find grants here 

Title: Essential Grant Writing Tips for Your Nonprofit 

Year: 2021

Contributor: The Modern Nonprofit

Summary: This organization gives tips on how to effectively begin a grant proposal.

TitleGrant Writing Basics 

Year: 2020


Summary: This resource, provided by the US Government’s Federal Grant Division, contains information on proofreading, reporting requirements and much more. This is strong and reliable information right from the source.

TitleTop Tips and Sources to Find Grants for Your Nonprofit

Year: 2020

Contributor: Donorbox

Summary: This resource reviews the basics of grants, the best route to find them and it provides links to additional grant opportunities.

Human Resources: 

Title: Managing Nonprofit Employees

Contributors: National Council of Nonprofits

Summary: A resource on how best to manage those involved in your organization. This also includes information on payment, taxes, interns, background checks and much more!

TitleNonprofit Recruiting Tips & Best Practices for Hiring Nonprofit Staff

Year: 2019

Contributors: Foundation List

Summary: This resource provides suggestions for the best ways to choose staff members. Remember to contact us to add info to our public job board!

Staff Development: 

Title: 3 Ideas For Professional Development On A Budget

Year: 2018

Contributor: The Nonprofit Times

Summary: A few simple ideas on how to keep staff connected and engaged.

Staff Development – Nine Sessions from Andy Stanley, starting with Trust & Suspicion

Andy Stanley, Senior Pastor at North Point Community Church, offers some training for staff development that may be helpful to your organization. There are nine sessions, each with handouts and some with videos, which offer the opportunity for you and your team to have discussion around the team dynamic at your agency. While Andy Stanley frames these sessions from the perspective of a pastor and his/her church team, these sessions are relevant beyond the church.

The first session is on building trust and eliminating suspicion. This session explains how and why suspicion creeps into our team dynamic and how to make “trust” an intentional priority for your team.

There is also an opportunity to sign up for his free monthly staff development email.

If you and your team take advantage of any of these sessions, please let us know if they were helpful in the comments section below.

Additional topics:


Title: Achieving Appropriate Transparency

Contributor: Dan Busby, ECFA

Summary: This resource explains required transparencies and how to generate trust without losing all sense of privacy for your nonprofit.

Community Partnerships:

Title: Nonprofit Community Partners: Who They Are, Why They Matter & How To Use Them To Promote Change

Contributor: Tina Jepson, CauseVox

Summary: This resource explains the importance of community partnerships, what types of partnerships are most beneficial and strategies to form these relationships.

Conflict Resolution:

Conflict is a certainty when running a restorative program for survivors of human trafficking. Not just between residents, but also between residents and staff, and even occasionally between staff members.

To ensure that you and your staff can face conflict in a way that is productive to the relationship and healing to the people involved, it’s important to have staff training on tactics to use for facilitating conflict resolution.

Here are three resources you can use when training your staff to face this inevitable part of their work.

  • The Help Guide has a page devoted to Conflict Resolution. There are sections on healthy and unhealthy responses to conflict, how stress interferes with conflict resolution, and assessing your level of emotional awareness
  • Here is a PDF on managing and resolving conflict that discusses specific skills to use during conflict and includes recommended readings from academia
  • NC State University has a simple overview with a look at the different outcomes, barriers and aids to conflict management, plus things to consider before confronting someone

If you have other resources or recommended readings on conflict resolution you would like to share with Alliance members, share them in the comments!

Other resources:

TitleUpcoming Live Nonprofit Webinars

Contributors: CharityHowTo

Summary: Upcoming webinars regarding nonprofit needs, including fundraising, grant writing, management and more!

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