Meeting the Minimum Standards – Safety Protocol, A Safety Evacuation Plan (PART 1)

Sample emergency action plan for small businesses


Meeting the Minimum Standards – Creating a Safety Evacuation Plan for your Agency

In order to be a General Member, one of the criteria listed in the Minimum Standards is:

  • Agency’s facility has a clearly defined safety evacuation plan that is practiced at least twice a year

This refers to your plan in case of a fire or a situation that requires an emergency evacuation of a building and involves both a step by step action plan and maps of where to exit the facility.

When making your plan, its important to make sure you have met the standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Here are the minimum standards required by OSHA for your emergency action plan (EAP):

Here’s a page that walks through the process of developing and implementing an EAP.

OSHA provides a checklist you can use while creating your EAP.

You can also use OSHA’s Expert System to help you write your EAP.

The attached document is a sample EAP for a small business that can be used as a framework when you create your own.


If you have any helpful additional information on creating and implementing an EAP at your agency, please leave a comment.


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