Meeting the Minimum Standards – CPR Certification

Meeting the Minimum Standards – Affordable ways to get your direct staff CPR Certified

In order to be a General Member, one of the criteria listed in the Minimum Standards is:

  • All your direct staff are CPR certified within 90 days of employment

We want to support all our members as they work to achieve this.

Some of you might know that getting CPR certified with the American Red Cross or AHA can be expensive; classes can be upwards of $75. When searching for alternatives, here are some much more affordable options that follow OSHA & AHA guidelines:

  • American CPR Care Association – Their programs can be either online or blended. Original prices are either $25 or $40 depending on the course you take, but they offer discounts for groups of five or more. Also right now they are offering discounts that drop their prices to $13-25. With the blended course option it is $30 for a virtual skills assessment. There is also the option to go to a trainer in person for your assessment; the price for this varies from $25-$35 I think.
  • National CPR Foundation – Prices range from $19-$25. Its an online only course, and you only pay for the certification, the courses themselves are free. Also offer a 20% group discount for five or more people.
  • CPR Near Me – Prices are in the same range as National CPR Foundation and they also offer the group discount.

While all of these follow AHA guidelines, there is some controversy around doing a wholly online course versus a blended course that includes at least an in-person assessment. National CPR Association has a great FAQ that goes into this issue a bit more as well as what to look out for when choosing an online CPR training provider.

In order to meet our minimum standards, we are not requiring the in-person assessment and as long as you can show certification that your staff have learned how to perform CPR.

If you know of some other ways to get your staff CPR certified for a reasonable price or some affordable in-person training, please add it in the comments!


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