Marketing + Social Media Campaigns

Title: How to Plan and Execute a Stellar Nonprofit Social Media Campaign

Year: 2020

Contributor: Wagisha Jha

Summary: This guide encompasses the best practices on how to create and execute a social media campaign. From the beginning of deciding which social media platforms to use to meeting long-term goals, this resource contains helpful and innovative strategies.


Title: The Ultimate List of 50 Nonprofit Marketing Ideas

Contributor: Bethany Lin, Fundraising and Marketing for Nonprofit Megaphone

Summary: 50 tips & tricks for marketing your nonprofit, including advertising strategies virtually and in-person. 


Title: The complete guide to nonprofit social media: Strategy and design tips for success

Contributor: Canva

Summary: This resource provides information about social media marketing and design. This includes advertising, fundraising, recruitment and education strategies for social media. Additionally, Canva provides free digital design tool.


Title: How to Use Influencer Marketing to Expand Your Reach

Year: 2020

Contributor: Korrin Bishop – Classy

Summary: This resource discusses how influencers can be used for fundraising and awareness efforts. It also gives some additional marketing tips.


Title: Media Ethics: Where Do You Draw the Line?

Year: 2020

Contributor: Ending Human Trafficking

Summary: This resource elaborates on ways to ethically portray survivors and use media to promote anti-trafficking efforts. The source describes the utmost importance of survivor-led education and sensitivity.


TitleTake the Ethical Storytelling Pledge 

Contributor: Ethical Storytelling

Summary: This pledge includes guidelines on how best to represent others with dignity and respect. It includes initiatives on how to be inclusive and allow survivors to use their own voices.


TitleInformed Consent & Ethics in Nonprofit Storytelling

Year: 2017

Contributor: Crystaline Randazzo, NGO Storytelling

Summary: This podcast discusses the difference between consent and informed consent, model releases, and best practices for things like photographing children.


Example of Media Ethics Policy  – Alliance Member Red Oak Hope



The Guide to Nonprofit Storytelling

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