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TitleMale Victims

Contributor: OVC, Training and Technical Assistance Center

Summary: This resource gives important tips on proper treatment of male survivors of human trafficking, emphasizing the importance of autonomy.


TitleThe Sexual Victimization of Men in America: New Data Challenge Old Assumptions

Contributor: Laura Stemple, JD and Ilan H. Meyer, PhD

Summary: This research study reviews quantitative data on male sexual victimization and the societal reasoning for misconceptions surrounding male victimization.


TitleTrainings and Presentations on Male Sexual Trauma

Contributor: 1in6

Summary: This webpage provides training seminars and videos on the best practices for treating male survivors, which can be scheduled by contacting the organization.


TitleSex Trafficking of Males

Year: 2020

Contributor: Valentin Luz, Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking

Summary: This resource describes the gender specific barriers limiting male victims from becoming survivors. It also offers solutions to work towards change.

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