Title: Indigenous People: Human Trafficking’s Overlooked Casualties

Contributor: InterAction

Summary: This article outlines the risk of indigenous women to human trafficking.

Title: Colonization, Homelessness, and the Prostitution and Sex Trafficking of Native Women

Contributor: National Resource Center on Domestic Violence

Summary: A report on the impact of human trafficking on Native women and girls, particularly in the US.

Title: Coming Together to Address Human Trafficking in Native Communities

Contributor: National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center

Summary: This webinar discusses the tracking of Indigenous victims, as well as the resources available to them.

Title: Creating a Human Trafficking Strategic Plan

Contributor: National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges

Summary: A guide containing a series of questions to building a strategic plan to help Native children and youth.

Title: Human Trafficking in Native American Communities

Contributor: ACAMS Today

Summary: This article reports on the history of colonizers assimilating Native American communities and how human trafficking impacts these communities.

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