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Title‘Nobody Believed Me’: How Rape Cases Get Dropped

Contributor: New York Times

Summary: This resource discusses the lack of justice for rape victims in the current system.

TitleHuman Trafficking During a Pandemic: What We Can Learn From a Snapshot in Time

Contributor: Polaris

Summary: This blog post describes the impact of the pandemic on the field of human trafficking and the increased use of technology in exploitation.

Title: Podcast: How Sexual Exploitation is Facilitated by Google Chromebooks, Amazon, OnlyFans, and More

Contributor: National Center on Sexual Exploitation

Summary: This podcast talks about how mainstream companies may facilitate sexual exploitation and leaving children vulnerable.

Title: Gbi Made Over 150 Busts Over Online Child Exploitation This Year

Contributor: Engage Together, Fox5Atlanta

Summary: According to Fox5Atlanta, Georgia Bureau of Investigation says it has made 150 busts in connection to online child exploitation this year.

Title: Pornhub Profits From Rape, Child Pornography And Sex Trafficking, Dozens Of Women Allege In Lawsuit

Contributor: Washington Post

Summary: This article discusses the  lawsuit against Pornhub and parent company MindGeek for allowing any nonconsensual sexual content to be published.

Title: Why Does The Porn Industry Get Away With Racist Portrayals Of Black People?

Contributor: Engage Together, Fight the New Drug

Summary: Dr. Carolyn West uncovers the porn industry’s racist portrayals of Black people.

Title: Portage County Sheriff Warns Residents About ‘sugar Daddy, Mamma’ Scam Directed Toward Teens

Contributor: Fox 8 News

Summary: Portage County Sheriff’s Office issued a warning to parents about an Internet scam directed toward teens and their bank accounts.

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