Human Trafficking 101

***More to come! This list of resources will continue to grow, so check back for added resources on this critical topic.

Title: The Life Story

Source: NoVo Foundation

Year: 2018

Contributors: Andrea, Bobette, Ester, Giselle, Jasmine, Jeri, Mallory, Ne’cole, Noel, Quintecia, Robin, Roxanne, Sandra, Stacy, Torr, Archi, Chuck, Kendra, Maheen, and Mike

Summary: The Life Story is a compilation of lived experiences of survivors of human trafficking in the United States, as it charts out 15 survivors’ stories over the course of their early lives, entry into the Life, and escape from the Life. The Life Story breaks these stories into 13 pivotal moments in which survivors, supporters, service providers, and advocates can intervene to change the lives of trafficked women and girls. This is an invaluable resource to understanding the nuance of the trafficking experience, the unspeakable horrors of the Life and the lasting impact on survivors.

Title: National Human Trafficking Family Support Line 

Source: Childproof America

Summary: Call 1-833-CP-GUIDE for support, resources, and information from Childproof America’s trained Family Guides. The support line is available on Monday- Friday from 8am-8pm.

Title: Human Trafficking 101

Source: Blue Campaign

Summary: A quick overview and introduction to human trafficking.

Title: Human Trafficking Myths & Legends

Source: Human Trafficking Institute

Summary:  Douglas Fellows unpacks myths and legends about human trafficking.

TitleHuman Trafficking 101

Source: Rochester Hills Public Library

Summary: Dawn Ames, director of family ministry at Lake Orion United Methodist Church and a community group leader for the Lake Orion-Oxford chapter of the Michigan Abolitionist Project (MAP), explains the definition of human trafficking, where it occurs, and who are the victims.

Title: Human Trafficking Red Flags 

Contributor: Truckers Against Trafficking

Summary: Truckers Against Trafficking is a nonprofit striving to educate drivers on the dangers of human trafficking and how to identify and report possible victims. This resource provides information on red flags and proper methods of reporting trafficking incidents.

TitleThe Making of a Girl

Contributors: Jillian Buckley

Summary A short documentary that offers a first-person perspective on a trafficked girl.  The girl in the film is a composite of several stories, but it effectively speaks from the survivor’s voice.

TitleHuman Trafficking 101 for School Administrators and Staff 

Contributors: USDOJ, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Summary: A brief document outlining who is at risk, how to identify those who are trafficked and additional specifics for educators.

TitleHow to Spot Human Trafficking

Contributors: Kanani Titchen, M.D, TED

Summary: This video summarizes how a medical practitioner missed aiding human trafficking victims and her path to educating the public on the signs of trafficking.

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