One of our best resources in residential care for survivors of human trafficking is your fellow members. Each agency has experience and skills that are invaluable to our industry at large. In the Alliance Groups, you can tap into this knowledge and skill, but everyone needs to participate.

Currently, we are offering groups related to specific roles/type of work within residential agencies. Our groups:

Our hope is that once you have invited the 5 associates at your agency for your 5 logins included with membership, you can direct them to their specific groups to start discussing and sharing with their counterparts.

This sharing of information allows the content and discussion to be honed into the specific needs of your staff. Fundraisers may not need to learn about how to engage with their Board of Directors the way Executive Directors do, but they likely do need to discuss tactics for making a big ask from their funders or different ways to build donor retention. Through your specific group, you have a chance to hear what’s working well for other similar agencies around the US.

Each group has a moderator who can accept you to the group and will make sure your questions don’t go unanswered. These role specific groups can only be accessed with approval, which will help ensure that only people in those specific roles can be part of the conversation. The moderator is there to facilitate and encourage discussion, provide added support, and to help ensure discussions continue in a respectful manner.

Read our Group Discussion Policy

These groups can only be an asset if everyone takes part. Each member has their own story to tell about how to deal with the very common struggles we all share.

Join a group today and start a conversation.

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