Title: Human Trafficking Red Flags 

Contributor: Truckers Against Trafficking

Summary: Truckers Against Trafficking is a nonprofit striving to educate drivers on the dangers of human trafficking and how to identify and report possible victims. This resource provides information on red flags and proper methods of reporting trafficking incidents.


Title: U.S. Department of Education Use Case – Human Trafficking Framework for Instructional Programming in Schools

Year: 2017

Contributor: U.S. Dept. Education

Summary: This resource is an effective model for educators on informing students of the dangers of human trafficking.


Title: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

Contributor: Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Summary: This resource contains a video and additional information on the prevention of ACEs. Further research studies and risk factors are also provided so those experiencing ACEs can be identified and assisted.


TitleHow Teachers Can Help Students Navigate Trauma

Year: 2019

Contributor: Lisa Godwin, Educator, TED

Summary: This TED Talk provides a survivor’s perspective on how educators can aid in empowering trauma survivors. She emphasizes giving students a voice and attentively listening for red flags in students.


Title: Online Safety Toolkit 

Year: 2021

Contributor: Engage Together

Summary: This toolkit includes everything from awareness to active ways to stay safe online, as well as an additional resource guide.


Title: #WRAPWeek 2019: How You Can Impact Your Family, Your Faith Community, and Your Campus

Year: 2019

Contributor: NCOSE

Summary: This resource on WRAP Week, or White Ribbon Against Pornography Week, provides information on ways to educate families, communities and campuses on the harms of pornography.


TitleTrauma Informed Community Building Model

Contributor: Organizing Engagement

Summary: This resource discusses community models and 7 challenges often faced by these models.


TitleTrauma-Informed Practices for Postsecondary Education: A Guide

Contributor: Shannon Davidson, Ph.D., Education Northwest

Summary: This guide discusses strategies for postsecondary education of trauma survivors, including specifics on student group at higher risk of trauma.



TitleTraining – Strip Club/Brothel Outreach 

Contributor: Heels2Halos

Summary: Sign-up for training on how best to approach and aid those trafficked in strip clubs and brothels and how to educate and raise awareness of trafficking.


Title: Outreach & Awareness

Contributor: Office for Victims of Crime

Summary: An e-guide on task forces and the increased need for education in all communities. This guide discusses the need for an online presence and educational materials, as well as methods on how to create these.


TitleOnWatch Community Training 

Contributor: OnWatch

Summary: This free training is a 1 hour long, survivor-led informational session on how to spot, report and aid trafficking victims.


TitleHelping a Friend

Contributor: University of New Hampshire

Summary: Simple tips for how best to support a survivor of sexual violence or relationship abuse.


Further Info on Awareness:

With the new year comes January – Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention Month. This is a key month for agencies to spend time and effort building awareness around the very issue you are devoted to addressing. This work is overwhelming, and if you don’t have time or capacity to create resources for your community partners, here are some resources you can use:

If you want some quick shareable resources for your social media, the Human Trafficking Institute has an infographic, here.

NCOSE is hosting a webinar on sex trafficking that has a very introductory focus into the issue. If you are interested in sharing this on your social media or with relevant community partners, check it out here.

You can also share Polaris’ page on how to ‘Recognize the Signs.’

For those partners who are interested in a deeper look, Diane Langberg, PhD, has spoken around the US on trauma and human trafficking. You can share out her video on Complex Trauma.

We also suggest PAID FOR, a memoir by Rachel Moran, survivor of sexual exploitation and prostitution in Ireland.

If you agency has some effective tools for raising awareness that you would like to share with the Alliance community, please share in the comments!




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