Kim’s Story of Hope

Growing up with in foster care, Kim’s journey began like many others – a tale of vulnerability and exploitation…

Through unimaginable challenges, she found herself being trafficked by the person she had trusted most, robbed of her agency and dreams. Yet, within the darkest corners of her ordeal, a glimmer of hope emerged when a friend told her about NTSA’s Alliance Referral System (ARS).

ARS, made possible entirely through generous people like you, acts as a beacon of hope for survivors like Kim*This innovative program allowed Kim to fill out a single form on her phone in order to be matched with shelters across the nation that fit her needs. Soon, Kim heard that there were three different residential programs in the U.S. that matched her preferences and could take her in.

Not only was there hope, she got to choose her new life!

A week later, Kim walked through the doors of the program she had chosen – doors that would lead to so much more than just shelter. She was immediately connected with a team of experts—therapists, social workers, legal advocates, and more—who stood by her side every step of the way as she navigated the long, complex path to healing.

Today, we celebrate with immense joy as we share Kim‘s story with you. Through your compassion and support, her story reflects the hope, power, and resilience that lies within every survivor of human trafficking. Your continued support ensures that stories like Kim‘s become not the exception, but the rule. Together, we can be the key to hope for survivors like Kim, opening doors to safety, healing, and freedom.

You are the key...

Stories like Kim’s are made possible by generous people just like you. Every dollar donated and every act of support shown impacts those we serve. You have the power to change lives, one story at a time.

On average, just $25 allows us to provide personalized shelter options and support for a survivor in need.

*NTSA believes in upholding the highest level of ethical storytelling in our marketing. Therefore, our stories are compilations of multiple survivor experiences that accurately reflect the shared stories of individuals who have come through our Alliance Referral System. All names are pseudonyms & all photos are stock images.

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