Join the Alliance

We are thrilled that you are interested in joining the Alliance! By becoming a member of NTSA, you and your organization are going to be able to further the field of residential care for survivors of trafficking and exploitation with many other agencies across the US!

As a member, there are opportunities to engage with fellow professionals in the field through our online member portal 24/7, participate in monthly training on relevant topics, be invited to contribute to research projects & reports, and- most importantly- be a part of a community that is committed to providing best practices for survivors.

Membership Options

General Member

$ 100
  • or $1,200/year
  • General Membership is designed for agencies that are currently open and providing long-term, restorative (1+ year) services for survivors of human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and/or prostitution. General members have the opportunity to become Accredited by NTSA and are committed to our Minimum Standards. (General members must maintain 501(c) 3 status.)

Associate Member

$ 50
  • or $600/year
  • Not a long-term restorative agency, yet directly serve survivors? Then the Associate Membership is for you! Our Associate members represent a wide range of missions and services for survivors such as: street outreach, drop-in centers, case management, advocacy and awareness, HT prevention/curriculum, and start-up agencies that are not yet a 501(c)3. Each of us has a seat at the table in the Alliance and your expertise is valued!

Knowledge Center

Further enhance the quality of care for survivors in your organization through direct access to resources and trainings for you and your staff.

  • Videos/Webinars presentations by experts in the field
  • Templates and tools to ensure integrity for your organization
  • Archive of our resource-heavy Sheltered Guides


By having staff that are fully equipped with the latest tools and tactics, we can see each survivor receive better services. 

Collaborative Community

NTSA wants you to be supported and empowered by one another as service providers for survivors of trafficking and exploitation.

  • Group Forums to glean from each other
  • Round Table/Think Tanks/Training Opportunities with experts in the field
  • Instant communication between each Alliance member
  • Advisory Council coming soon!


By working together we can ensure that every survivor has the best access to quality care!


Together we can advance the field of residential care for survivors of trafficking and exploitation by building our collective credibility.


Through credibility and accountability, survivors, donors and community members can trust our programs are the highest quality.

Join us and others in the field of residential care each year at our Sheltered Conference.

  • Discounts and special offers exclusively for members
  • Have your organization and expertise represented as a featured speaker
  • Network with fellow service providers from across the country

By coming together every year, we can foster a culture of learning and collaborating for the benefit of survivors across the US.


Ho’ola Na Pua, Hawaii

“The NTSA is an incredible connector and resource. The collaborative space provided to exchange information with national partners has been invaluable, especially being geographically more isolated. Through round tables, webinars, and training tools specific to trafficking programs, we have had the ability to sharpen our skills and usher in elevated service delivery for our clients.”

OneVoiceHome, Texas

“The membership that OneVoiceHome has with the NTSA is invaluable. Scripture tells us that “iron sharpens iron” and we truly believe that the NTSA makes us sharper. We are stretched, gain knowledge, and receive true wisdom from those in the Alliance. The NTSA pushes us, at OVH, to be the best version of ourselves and provide quality care to survivors.”

Thistle Farms, Tennessee

“Thistle Farms has partnered with NTSA since 2019! We value their rigor and dedication to help survivors of human trafficking. They are always ready with resources or words of encouragement. We love NTSA!”

Join the Alliance!

Hi, I’m Zach, the Membership Program Manager here at NTSA, and I’d like to personally invite you to join this collaborative community of programs acrosss the nation. By providing our members with the latest resources, training, and support to walk alongside survivors of complex trauma, we are able to enhance the quality of care those survivors receive. Together, we’re working to rise by lifting others!

Have questions or want to learn more about what membership looks like?

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