Residential Life Coordinator

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As a member of the CherishedLA team, the residential life staff play a critical role in the success of program participants. The residential life coordinator is responsible for fostering the healing atmosphere of the residential program during non-studio hours (including evenings, weekends, and holidays), assisting in cultivating a safe, inviting, and home-like environment, and promoting spiritual growth. This person will be responsible for leading book studies, group discussions, monitoring chores, grocery shopping, etc.



Lead residents in curriculum-based groups

  • You will be leading residents through book studies and curriculum-based groups like Safe People, Boundaries, financial management, etc. as they progress through the phases of the program

Grocery Shopping and Errands

  • You will be responsible for taking residents grocery shopping and helping them prepare their grocery lists and meal plans
  • You will assist with running other errands and driving to some appointments

Monitoring Chores

  • You will be responsible for helping ensure the home is well-maintained and residents are taking care of their assigned chores, which may include helping to teach residents to learn how to properly clean and maintain their spaces


  • You are a critical part of ensuring that the residents receive proper care and coverage during the holidays. This can be a particularly difficult time because of what holidays may have been like in the past and because they may miss feeling like part of a family. It is important that we make sure that they feel loved, supported, and part of a caring community. You will participate in decorating the home, assisting in the planning of holiday activities and working with volunteers to create a special atmosphere during all holidays.  
  • You will need to plan your personal vacation time in such a way that it does not conflict with the resident’s need for stability during the holiday. This means that you will be working on some major holidays (and/or on the surrounding days) unless alternative plans are made for them to celebrate with other family/volunteers. This is a time when we need to spend MORE time with them, not less. 


  • On certain days and times, you will be the first point of contact for emergencies that occur overnight or while residents are at the home. 
  • You must immediately alert the Executive Director anytime you receive an afterhours call or believe that the wellbeing of any resident is in danger. This may include suicidal/self-harm statements, threats towards others, escalated tension amongst residents that cannot be resolved, mental health crises, requests to go to urgent care or the emergency room, etc. 



  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred
  • 1 year of experience survivors of abuse or trafficking
  • Proven ability to work effectively on a team
  • Self-motivated with strong organizational skills



  • Complete CherishedLA’s volunteer training
  • Read Healing the Wounded Heart, Boundaries, Safe People, and other books as assigned
  • Actively engage in ongoing training in Narrative Focused Trauma Care, which requires engagement with personal stories of harm from your own childhood in a safe and supportive environment



CherishedLA is a survivor-led organization with a mission to equip and empower survivors of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. Our philosophy and values are formed directly out of Kate’s personal experience of what is needed when someone is trying to exit the life, as well as her ongoing education and training as a provider of Narrative Focused Trauma Care (NFTC). NFTC is the primary therapeutic modality used at CherishedLA and it requires both providers and participants to engage personal stories of harm in safe and supportive environments. We firmly believe that you cannot take anyone further than you have gone yourself and for this reason it is important to us that all staff have familiarity with this modality. We also utilize Motivational Interviewing, strengths-based approaches, and other methods as appropriate. We do not heavily rely on CBT related approaches because of its limited ability to address the complexities of C-PTSD.

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