Operations Coordinator – Full-Time

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Job title: Operations Coordinator
Position: Full-time Salary Pay
Reports to: Executive Director
The Operations Coordinator will assist with the management of daily logistics and activities of the organization. The employee will contribute in an administrative capacity by assisting our teams on projects, supporting human resources, organizing company events, arranging employee training sessions and managing budgets. Some of the responsibilities of an Operations Coordinator include helping the organization run smoothly and ensuring that deadlines, plans for events or anything related to the ministry get accomplished on time with no issues as well as monitoring and evaluating progress toward goals. ___________________________________________________________________________
-Assists Executive Director in day-to-day coordination and management of operational activities with little to no supervision required.
-Works with the Executive Director, team leaders, managers, and department heads to learn departmental needs and goals.
-Assists, monitors, controls, and manages operations to meet ministry goals.
-Coordinates and manages project tasks and provides direction and guidance to internal teams to ensure project delivery within allotted budget and timelines.
-Builds and maintains strong employee relationships through regular meetings and communications.
-Creates and maintains accurate operations documents/procedures for employees to reference.
-Trains employees in all operations documents and procedures.
-Helps to identify and resolve any problems within the ministry that prohibits our key pillars from being fulfilled.
-Ensures that all activities, events, and programs conform to local, federal, “industry” and organization standards.
Skills & Qualifications
-Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management preferred.
-Proven work experience as an Operations Coordinator.
-Exceptional time management, prioritization, and multitasking abilities.
-Excellent interpersonal skills to build strong relationships with colleagues and the community.
-Effective communication, including speaking, writing and active listening.
-Able to give and receive feedback and constructive criticism from a variety of channels.
-Excellent strategic planning and problem-solving skills.
-Well-organized, detail-oriented person
-Proficient knowledge of Excel Microsoft Office/Google Sheets, Google Documents, PowerPoint/Keynote, and/or Windows-based Computers
-Manifests evidence of personal faith in Jesus Christ and knowledge of scriptures

To apply for this job email your details to brittany@freefromht.org