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CherishedLA’s Driver & Case Manager assists the Executive Director in getting residents to their scheduled appointments, ensuring that the program runs smoothly, and everyone is where they need to be 5-10 minutes early. As a Case Manager, this individual works one-on-one with residents to ensure they are getting their basic needs met and progressing towards their case management goals. This position is also responsible for balancing the appointments out so that they are not overloaded in one week. A successful Driver & Case Manager can keep a calm, supportive demeaner while under stress. They will balance diverse demands and create an orderly plan to get them done in a reasonable amount of time. This individual is efficient with their time and able to provide clear instructions to residents to ensure that the program runs smoothly while also being attentive to their needs. 



Case Management

  • Conduct an initial case management meeting with each resident and clearly communicate the case needs with the Executive Director
  • Make incremental progress towards case goals for each client without overloading the weekly schedule or residents
  • Provide residents with clear, written instructions for any follow up steps (i.e. phone calls) that they are responsible for taking on their own at the studio (this should be written so that another staff can read and assist if needed)
  • Ensure that the Executive Director is aware of any urgent case needs, particularly those involving legal, psychiatric, or non-routine medical needs or situations involving resident’s family or children

Record Management

  • Maintain accurate, comprehensive records on all residents
  • Ensure the Resident Tracking KPI worksheet and Medication Log on Google Drive are always up to date


  • Take residents to appointments scheduled through case management
  • Communicate the weekly schedule to the residents
  • Balance needed appointments in a way that is most efficient for your time and does not overload the schedule
  • Residents should schedule appointments 2 weeks in advance and not have more than 1 appointment in a week
  • Although you are not part of the direct therapeutic staff, it is very important that you are equipped to redirect residents in a gentle way that reinforces the trauma and recovery work being done. This requires you to gain familiarity with the methodologies we use (particularly Narrative Focused Trauma Care) and learn how to support this work in the way you have conversations with residents as they process and heal.



    • Driver’s License and evidence of safe driving history
    • Strong time management and organizational skills
    • Desire to be proactive and create a positive experience for others
    • Proven ability to work effectively on a team
    • Excellent communication skills
  • Multilingual preferred



  • Complete CherishedLA’s volunteer training
  • Read Healing the Wounded Heart, Boundaries, Safe People, and other books as assigned
  • Actively engage in ongoing training in Narrative Focused Trauma Care, which requires engagement with personal stories of harm from your own childhood in a safe and supportive environment



CherishedLA is a survivor-led organization with a mission to equip and empower survivors of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. Our philosophy and values are formed directly out of Kate’s personal experience of what is needed when someone is trying to exit the life, as well as her ongoing education and training as a provider of Narrative Focused Trauma Care (NFTC). NFTC is the primary therapeutic modality used at CherishedLA and it requires both providers and participants to engage personal stories of harm in safe and supportive environments. We firmly believe that you cannot take anyone further than you have gone yourself and for this reason it is important to us that all staff have a minimum level of familiarity with this modality. We also utilize Motivational Interviewing, strengths-based approaches, and other methods as appropriate. We do not heavily rely on CBT related approaches because of its limited ability to address the complexities of C-PTSD. 

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