Hope Award

In recognition of the hard working, generous individuals that give their time, energy, & hearts to the work of empowering & supporting survivors of human trafficking, we present the...

Meet our 2022 Hope Award Recipient!

Congratulations to our first annual Hope Award winner, Sahayra Barron Aguilar! Sahayra works as a Direct Support Professional at Providence Place in Texas and has been  essential in the development of new programs. The epitome of a true servant leader, she guides the women at Providence Place with compassion and purposeful pauses each day, all while laughing and holding babies in her arms. She is the first one to fill a shift or stay late  for just one more smile. Sahayra demonstrates the impact of the direct support professional’s role on restorative healing. She shows residents and all those she encounters that they are worthy of all things beautiful.

Direct care staff, interns, entry level employees, and those behind the scenes rarely get the accolades for the success of our programs, but we know how essential they are to our success. Often bearing the brunt of burnout and vicarious trauma, these unsung heroes deserve recognition and thanks for their contributions to the success of not only the organization, but to the success of our overall mission.

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Why Hope?

The Hope Award is named after a young woman, Hope, who took an unpaid internship at a residential program serving survivors of human trafficking. Hope began her internship just as she was finishing her college degree and served with deep passion and amazing energy. She rebuilt the grocery shopping system for residents in her organization, saving the program thousands of dollars. She gave her time and energy in almost every department of the program and, after her internship ended, became a crucial staff member to the direct care team. 

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