FAQs about the Alliance

As a member, each organization can have up to 5 logins. We strongly suggest you use some of these logins for your:

  • Executive Director
  • Fundraiser/Finance manager
  • Survivor Services
  • Director/Case manager

Check out this tutorial if you need help inviting people for your logins. 

The National Trafficking Sheltered Alliance reserves the right to refuse or cancel a membership with the Alliance. If the Alliance refuses a new or renewal of membership, the Alliance will fully refund the most recent monthly membership payment.

If a new member wants to cancel their membership, the Alliance offers a full refund, less transaction fees, for up to 30 days from a new registration.

The Alliance does not give refunds for transactions that occurred more than 30 days prior to refund request. If you have a specific question about a refund, you can submit your inquiry here.

As a General Member you are making a commitment to a level of standards that qualifies you to have the Alliance member seal. General Members will be expected to produce documentation that they meet our minimum standards. Once a General Member has gone through our approval process, they can receive the member seal, which can be displayed on their website and marketing materials. General Members will also receive more frequent newsletters with content and resources and can share events on the Alliance website. 

Once the pilot phase of ARS is over, only General Members will be receiving referrals. This is to ensure that frontline responders can feel confident that any agency they send a candidate to will meet our minimum standards. If you have questions about this, you can contact membership@shelteredalliance.org.

YES! Those agencies that aren’t able to meet the minimum standards of General Membership are welcome to join as Associate Members. Once you are able to meet those requirements, you can change your membership to General. The Alliance wants to support you as you work towards becoming an open and running restorative home; please feel free to contact us if you are struggling to meet these standards or if you have questions about membership. 

NTSA Members can post a job on the job board, free of charge.

If you are a member agency interested in posting a position on the NTSA job board, email membership@shelteredalliance.org with your position description.

NTSA is a non-profit organization and relies on individual contributions. While all members pay a membership fee – this fee is not enough to cover the costs of operations. NTSA intentionally keeps its membership fee affordable to members for two reasons:

1. One of the core reasons for a fee is a sense of buy-in from members. We know that when you pay for something, you care for it and value it more. We want members to be active in participating in all the offerings we have carefully built out explicitly for them.

2. We know that our members are non-profits serving clients with complex trauma and needs. Comprehensive programs and services are costly and funding can often take unexpected hits. We want to be an asset to our members, not a financial burden.

Instead of raising our member fees in order to meet our budgetary needs, we rely on generous donors to join us in supporting and equipping service providers to meet the needs of survivors across the US.

The National Trafficking Sheltered Alliance is a qualified 501(c)3 organization. Federal Tax ID: #84-2962806

ARS is a facilitator for helping survivors find placement in long-term residential programs.

ARS does NOT link to emergency care services. If you are looking for emergency care, please go to Survivor Resources or call 911.

To learn more about how ARS works, go to shelteredalliance.org/alliance-referral-system

The Alliance was originally built by a steering committee of Christian service providers, motivated by their faith to create a supportive community that can enhance the quality of care for survivors of human trafficking. 

While the Alliance leadership and Board of Directors agree to the Alliance statement of faith, membership is open to all agencies, no matter their faith background. 

Alliance Statement of Faith:

  • We believe there is one God, who is infinitely perfect, existing eternally in three persons; Father, Son and Holy Spirit; the creator of all things seen and unseen. 
  • We believe that God is love, and that all He says and does with mankind is an expression of His perfect love.
  • We believe that Jesus Christ is the only Son of God, and that He was fully human and fully divine. We believe that His death was atonement for the sins of all mankind and that His resurrection secured forgiveness, grace and new life for all who put their faith in Him. We believe that Jesus is Himself the Way to God, the Truth about God, and that He embodies the Life of God, (John 14:6) and that He is the only Savior of mankind. 
  • We are committed to living out his teachings in all that we do.
  • We believe the Holy Spirit is a Divine Person of the Trinity and sent to indwell, guide, teach and empower the believer, and to convince the World of sin, of righteousness and of judgment. We rely on the Holy Spirit to transform and guide every aspect of our individual lives and ministry.
  • Our beliefs are based on the truthfulness and authority of the books of the Old and New Testament Scriptures known as The Bible. We believe The Bible was divinely inspired and is the only written Word of God. We believe that the Bible is the final authority for all matters of faith, truth, morality, and Christian living.

When you log in as a member on the Alliance website, you will be given access to the Member Portal. You can find the Member Portal at the top of the page in the header. From there you will see the Training and Media LibraryGroups, and Resources.

The Training and Media Library has videos you can check out on a variety of topics related to shelter care. Groups will take you to discussion boards where you can ask questions or share content with fellow members. Our Resources section has a variety of articles that have helpful templates for meeting minimum standards or links to other tools, training, or support for doing residential care.

Still not finding what you are looking for? Reach out at membership@shelteredalliance.org or send us a message with our contact form.

If you have an event that you would like to invite other members to, you can submit a request to membership@shelteredalliance.org. We will review your event, and, if approved, post it in the News, Events, and Opportunities Board for other members to see. In order for an event to be approved, it must meet the requirements of our Event Sharing Policy

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