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Legal Remedies for Survivors of Trafficking


Legal Remedies for Survivors of Trafficking

Hosted by NTSA in partnership with The Joseph Project & Laffey Bucci Kent Law Firm with special thanks to the Tri-County Alliance on Human Trafficking

Survivors of trafficking often come to programs with criminal records, prior charges, active cases, and a need for legal support to regain agency and start their lives anew…

Survivors in your program can gain access to…

  •  Civil settlements that could provide a monetary support that survivors could use for:
    • Living expenses while job searching including rent, education, therapy, medical services, etc.
  •  The ability to seek custody, immigration assistance, have charges dismissed, and criminal records expunged. 
  • Legal victories that can lead to new beginnings for survivors in your program – all at no cost to them or your organization!

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to give survivors of trafficking justice and the future of the hope they deserve!

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  • NTSA Members

Special thanks to the Tri-County Alliance on Human Trafficking & our co-hosts for collaborating with us to make this event possible!

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