Event Sharing Policy

One of the goals of the Alliance is to foster a responsive community of service providers. In order to facilitate this between members, the Alliance offers the opportunity for members to promote training or education events they are hosting to all Alliance members. In order to share an event with Alliance members at large, you first submit your event for approval and meet the following criteria:

  • You must be a General Member in good standing with the Alliance. If you are an Associate Member, you must have an endorsement by a General Member.
  • Your event cannot be for fundraising purposes or for the purpose of supporting a specific political party or candidate.
  • This is for one-time or special events, not for regularly scheduled events.
  • You must submit the event for approval one month before the event takes place.

The Alliance will respond to all event requests within 5 business days of submission and will be done during normal business hours. While the Alliance is happy to help promote events, we are not responsible for any event planning or logistics. For any paid events, the Alliance does not take responsibility for payment or cancellations. The member that submitted the request is responsible for all facilitation of the event.

In order to submit an event, please send the following email the details of your event to membership@shelteredalliance.org:

  • Event name
  • Date
  • Host organization
  • Event description
  • Details about how to sign up for the event

The Alliance reserves the right to request further information or clarification as needed before approving any events. Approved events will be posted in our Events Slack Group.

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