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Exciting News! NTSA is transitioning to Atlas Free!

As this transition takes place, we want all survivors, members, partners, and supporters to have a smooth experience.

Learn more about this change and how we will keep NTSA programs consistent and available!


As the response to human trafficking in America continues to increase, the need for service providers to collaborate and stay connected is more important than ever. The National Trafficking Sheltered Alliance (NTSA) is a network of service providers committed to enhancing services and increasing access to care for survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Together, we are furthering opportunities for survivors to find hope in three strategic ways…

Alliance Referral System

Connecting survivors throughout the country with appropriate residential shelters efficiently and with dignity.

Membership & Knowledge Center

Equipping residential programs across the U.S. with the training resources to learn and grow in a collaborative community.


Providing accountability to
ensure survivors receive the highest quality of care from healthy, trauma-informed organizations.


Looking for Residential Services for a Survivor?

Use our Alliance Referral System (ARS) to connect with residential programs that can meet the specific needs for survivors of trafficking and exploitation. We are committed to responding to every referral within 24 hours.

Learn more about ARS here.

Want your Residential Program to be
a receiving agency of ARS? 

Email referral@shelteredalliance.org.


The Alliance’s mission is to bring together residential service providers. We also encourage membership and participation of any organization or entity that is actively engaged in anti-trafficking efforts. Check out our two types of membership to see which one fits best for your organization.

General Member

$ 109
95 /month
  • or $1,319/year
  • General Membership is designed for agencies that are currently open and providing long-term, restorative (1+ year) services for survivors of human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and/or prostitution. General members have the opportunity to become Accredited by NTSA and are committed to our Minimum Standards. (General members must maintain 501(c) 3 status.)

Join our community of monthly changemakers growing a national network of support for survivors of trafficking & those who serve them.

The Arbor is a passionate group of monthly supporters on a mission to ensure that survivors of trafficking & exploitation receive the best quality of care. People from all across the nation, giving to prove that together, we can plant seeds of change & grow a community of freedom. Join us today!


What Our People Say

"One aspect I truly appreciate about NTSA is how intentional they are to come alongside and support organizations who serve survivors."
Zoe Life Outreach, Metanoia Place, North Dakota
"Worthwhile Wear has greatly benefited from being a member of the sheltered alliance. In a young burgeoning field of care where so much is still being learned, and many service providers are learning how best to serve their clients, the alliance has facilitated members in growing their knowledge base from other members. The end result is programs are offering more comprehensive and effective services, and survivors are experiencing greater success on their journey to healing."
Worthwhile Wear, Pennsylvania
"The Sheltered Alliance is the answer to the need for shelters to share resources and collaborate to develop best practices in shelter care. Her Song is so happy to be in the company of the many pioneers working for liberty and justice for trafficking victims."
Her Song, Jacksonville, Florida

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